Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Quest I and Quest II: Summary

I. The Quest of the Vigil.

Several young cadets of the Bull Mirror were undergoing their final vigils to qualify as full knights of the order. While in this heightened state of holiness, they discovered a secret door in the altar that led them to several mysterious chambers, some within Leafehold, some apparently in other castles of different places and times. They have many strange experiences and finally defeat the giant glowing spider Mr. Tickles, who has infested the lower vaults of Leafehold for years. The cadets complete their vigil and are invested into the Knights of the Bull Mirror.

II. The Quest of the Rabbit-Heads.

During dinner in the great hall, Minig the maiden of Blackrats village arrives at the castle and begs for an audience. Her village is suffering raids from marauders who destroy, steal, and take people away. The marauders have the heads of rabbits. King Rixard sends a small group of knights to investigate. They arrive in Blackrats just in time to interrupt another raid. The raiders are men who wear rabbit masks to make their victims sound ridiculous. The knights pursue the raiders north through a cave that passes through a ridge; inside the cave is a sleeping giant. The knights discover the raiders' lair without waking the giant, but have to make a difficult decision: whether to engage the raiders or to investigate a man who meets them near their lair. They decide to investigate the man, and follow him back to a small castle. They discover that the castle belongs to Sir Torlon, a friend of Queen Arazandra's adviser Sir Colgren; the man they followed was Torlon's steward Snovar. It seems that Sir Torlon is sponsoring the raiders. The knights report this to Sir Aglorak, the leader of their order.

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