Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Here will be collected whatever mysteries and pieces of esoterica the Knights of the Bull Mirror encounter on their quests.

I.i. One of the rooms the cadets encountered during their vigil was the great hall of some other castle. It had stonework more red-brown than anything to be found in Leafehold. The knights in this hall wore blue surcoats with a griffon emblem on them (arms which have been identified with the great fallen kingdom of Diama, in the southern half of the Circle of Strife). The cadets could not hear what these knights were saying, but they seemed to be discussing the fate of one of their members, a red-haired man who seemed resigned to his fate, standing in chains at the foot of the table. His sword lay at his feet. The knights argued until their leader, a dark-haired woman, cut off all discussion with a gesture. She said something, and everyone reluctantly seemed to accept it. She stood in front of the chained man and killed him with a sword to the heart. Her sword was a twin to the one at the man's feet: ornate, and with a giant pearl for a pommel. As the red-haired man died, the pearl on the woman's sword turned black.

Also somehow present for this vision were three Red Knights, presumably viewing this as part of their own vigil. One of the cadets remembers one of these Red Knights from the war in Goodfountain, a blond man with a broken nose. The other two present are a Piraque knight with a winged helmet and a cleric with a gold tooth.

I.ii. The cadets recovered a tapestry from a hallway that looked like it was from yet another castle. The tapestry depicts four scenes from the life of a man with a receding hairline and humourous eyebrows: he wins a battle against a knight in blue armor, he marries a woman in a green dress and hood, he rides a horse while wearing a white surcoat with a kingfisher emblem on two chevrons, he looks on while men build a bridge. A signature appears at the bottom of the tapestry: "Yw. a Roscn". Elaborate knotwork patterns are all around the edges of the tapestry.

I.iii. The cadets had one other vision during their vigil, through an arrow slit at the end of a hallway. They could see a tower room in which a woman cried, her face turned away, while a man shouted at her defiantly. He was obviously sad or ashamed about something but was arguing through that. A white carafe lay broken on the floor, with a trace of some kind of liquid seeping away through the floorboards. The man had a limp and the woman wore a single grey glove.

II.i. The knights who rode to the succor of the town of Blackrats encountered a cave with a sleeping giant in it. There were many bells hanging from the ceiling of this cave. Who is the giant? How long has he been sleeping there? If the bells were rung, would he wake up? What would he do if he woke?

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