Monday, February 29, 2016

Dramatis Personae

Player Characters:
Charlie: human bard (Brad)
Drock: half-orc fighter (Devlin)
Grungy Littlebottom: halfling rogue (Ward)
Haliax Evernum: human wizard (Charlie)
Kenth: half-orc fighter (Jay)
Masarra Dybar: halfling paladin (Jess)
Mela Tealeaf: halfling ranger (Jenn)
Ponga: half-orc paladin (Gareth)
Solo Cadabra: halfling rogue? (Gabby)
Thanar the Bronze: human wizard (Jay)
Todd Toddson: human druid (Brad)  

King Rixard IV: king of Goodfountain, now also king of Oakpledge
Queen Arazandra: queen of Oakpledge, now also queen of Goodfountain. Mute, and may or may not be in her right mind.  
Kiyab: King Rixard's leman, originally from Kirok; beloved by all  
Ruah: King Rixard's natural daughter with Kiyab. A cute kid  
Sir Benisor: King Rixard's seneschal, currently handling affairs in Goodfountain  
Canderol: King Rixard's cousin and heir, currently handling affairs in Goodfountain. Not a knight; has a reputation for drinking and gambling  
Valav: Canderol's huge, mysterious, and scary bodyguard  
Sir Aglorak: commander of the Knights of the Bull Mirror. Husband of Sir Rhyston  
Sir Rhyston at the Brook: the greatest knight in the world and preceptor of the Order of St. Bretalia in the Knights of the Bull Mirror. Handsome, kind, gentle, deadly in combat, honest, loyal, faithful to Omno, wise, generous, and humble. Husband to Sir Aglorak  
Sir Gillam: King Rixard's marshal  
Old Wat: castellan of Leafehold  
Sir Bruhenger: Queen Arazandra's uncle; it was him who arranged her marriage to King Rixard. Currently handling affairs in Oakpledge Town  
Sir Colgren: Queen Arazandra's advisor, and good friend of Sir Bruhenger  
Sir Condwiramor: elven warrior who followed the player characters out of the Forest Sauvage and is now a Knight of the Bull Mirror  
Tomes Breadbake: mayor of the town of Leafethorp, which is just outside the gates of Leafehold  

Minig: maiden of the town of Blackrats  
Sir Torlon: knight of Oakpledge, found to be conspiring with bandits and elven slavers  
Snovar: Sir Torlon's steward  
Janissar All-the-Luck: wizard who wants control of Castle Add  
Scarpnafe: Janissar's cat familiar  
Sir Grahannas: knight of Castle Isvatar (also known as Castle Add)  
Pulsivo: bard, freed by the player characters from a terrible fate  
The Old Northshire Boys: famous group of bandits who operate in the vicinity of Oakpledge and neighboring kingdoms, led by Young Lord Harry